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An investment fund registration and creation on a turnkey basis in the Czech Republic.

Attract investors from all over the world | Manage any assets | Optimize taxes - income tax is only 5%

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One of the best alternatives to offshore companies is your own investment fund in the Czech Republic! Our Consulting Company, which has been operating on the Czech market since 1999, is engaged in registration and creation of investment funds in the Czech Republic. Collective Investment Vehicle (CIV) is a modern Czech investment instrument that complies with European MiFID directives and is intended for all categories of assets.

What is it possible to use investment funds for?

To optimize taxation. One of the most important advantages of investment funds or collective investment vehicles (CIV) in the Czech Republic is a preferential taxation - a 5% profit tax on the fund.

To raise capital. Investment funds are one of the best ways to raise capital for your own projects or investment strategies. And it is perfect for combining the capital of partners in the joint business tasks implementation.

To implement a wide range of business tasks. With the help of investment funds it is possible to invest and manage all types of business anywhere in the world (real estate, enterprises, securities, issue and take loans, etc.). For example, in the Czech Republic the largest real estate companies operate through their own investment funds. At the same time, they create sub-funds for the individual projects implementation.

To withdraw business from offshore. Investment funds have a clear advantage over any offshore companies. Loyalty to offshore from all government agencies and banks every year becomes lower and lower. And doing business through offshore companies becomes more difficult. The main task of offshore companies is tax optimization. Investment funds solve this problem and provide additional benefits as a status of a licensed European company.

We have many years of experience in the investment field, and we constantly monitor the development of legislation and market trends. Use our advice from the very beginning, and you will get much more than if you do it all on your own.

Contact us and already during the first FREE consultation we will be able to evaluate the feasibility of creating (registering) an investment fund for you, your business and for solving your problems. We will offer the optimal structure of the fund and evaluate the economic benefits.


In recent years, the so-called deoffshorization has taken a truly global scale. Offshore companies are struggling with the governments of individual states, introducing changes in their national legislation, and international organizations on the world stage. These are mainly the Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering (FATF), the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (the OECD), as well as the UN, the European Union and others. FATF recommendations are mandatory international standards for implementation by the UN member states, and these are more than 190 states.

What is an offshore company for? Mainly for two reasons:
  • to optimize taxation,
  • and more often, to hide beneficiaries.
And for exactly these reasons, all countries are struggling with offshore companies.

By creating your investment fund in the Czech Republic, you will be able to withdraw your business from offshore and retain these 2 main advantages of offshore, but this will add 4 more indisputable advantages:

  • You and your business will become “white and fluffy”;
  • You will receive asset protection under EU law;
  • You will be able to work with the best financial institutions and banks in the world;
  • You can legally attract investments and expand your business.


  • Optimization of taxation. Fund profit tax 5% for most types of funds.
  • Concealment of beneficiaries. Participant investors of funds are not listed in public registries and are not subject to exchange of information.
  • Ability to raise capital - easy entry and exit of investors, transparent structure.
  • Protection of investors' rights - regulation of the activity of the CNB, supervisory functions of the depositary.
  • Legal withdrawal of assets to Europe.
  • Protection of business from raiding in any country.
  • Easy distribution of shares in fund assets.
  • Trouble-free transfer of shares to other persons through the sale of shares of the fund.
  • Compliance with European law on investment companies and funds.
  • Compliance with all requirements of MiFID, OECD, FATF.
  • Czech jurisdiction has a spotless reputation.
  • 100% foreign ownership of the fund is allowed.
  • Ability to target the fund for any type of activity.
  • Czech membership in the EU opens up tremendous opportunities for doing business around the world.
  • A large number of international treaties against double taxation.


The Fund of Qualified Investors is a Czech investment platform is designed for experienced and professional investors, operating along the lines of the Luxembourg SIF.

Funds of qualified investors belong to the group of alternative funds and are highly flexible in the areas of structured investment (choice of investment assets) and fund management rules.

The fund of qualified investors can be opened taking into account all your wishes, so that it corresponds to your investment direction and characterization of investors.

In the Czech Republic, you can use the services of experienced firms that help in this matter - investment companies, depositories, auditors, consultants and others.

Note! Qualified Investors Fund:
  • is intended for qualified (experienced and professional) investors, institutional and private;
  • the minimum amount of investment to the fund from the investor is 40 000 EUR;
  • can be used in all investment strategies and directions and their combinations;
  • can be established as a single entity or as a structure with sub-funds.


A sub-fund is a part of a fund that can have a different investment strategy and direction. It is very interesting that each sub-fund is property-separated from other sub-funds and issues its own investment shares with the right of repurchase. Thus, within a single investment fund, you can effectively create separate portfolios for different investors and investment areas.

In essence, this is an effective platform for creating a holding, where each project has its own separate balance and is not liable for the obligations of other holding projects.

Sub-funds can be created only within investment funds in the form of SICAV.

SICAV is a joint stock company with a variable statutory fund; it is a special legal form created for use in the field of investment funds. SICAV takes as a basis a traditional joint-stock company, but at the same time gives investors the opportunity to freely enter and exit this fund. In SICAV, the constituent and investment parts of the fund are separated from each other by the charter or by creating sub-funds. In accordance with this division, SICAV issues two types of shares - constituent shares (intended for founders), with which the right to vote is associated, and investment shares (for investors) with the right of redemption and, most often, without voting rights.


A fund of qualified investors serves to for investments of experienced private investors and professional institutional investors. But note that this aspect is declarative.

Essentially a qualified investor is a natural or legal person, Czech or foreign, who invests at least 1 million Czech korunas (approximately 40,000 Euros), if the administrator of this fund confirms that the investment corresponds to the investor’s financial base, investment goals and professional knowledge and experience of the investor.

Institutional investors are banks, brokers, insurance companies, pension funds and others.

But what to do if it is supposed to attract smaller investors? There are other solutions for this. Contact us for FREE consultation.


When managing an investment fund, the services of several entities are used as standard, among which the main role is played by the manager, administrator and depository. Their practical activity depends on the parameters by which this investment foundation operates.

Fund management
The fund manager deals mainly with investment and risk management. Most often, the fund is managed and administered by an investment company (not a self-managed fund) or the fund is self-managed (a self-managed fund).

Fund Administrator
The administrator is engaged in activities related to the issuance and redemption of securities, accounting, calculating the value of net assets, communicating with investors and other entities, valuation and other activities necessary for the operation of the fund. He is a registration agent, maintains a register of shares, maintains contacts with shareholders, is responsible for accounting and other aspects of the fund.

Assets storage, control and monitoring is carried out by the depository of the fund. The task of the depositary is to take care of the fund assets and conduct control activities, within which it conducts accounting and control of financial activities, issuance and redemption of securities, setting value of securities and others. The depositary acts on the basis of a depositary agreement and in the interests of the fund and its investors. In its activities, the depositary cooperates with the manager and administrator of the fund.

The requirements for the transparency of the fund's activity oblige the fund to submit its annual reports to independent auditors, as well as inform the Czech National Bank and the fund's investors about the annual reports.


  • Full consultation before creating or buying of an investment fund;
  • Evaluation of an investment plan or an existing asset portfolio;
  • Creating the structure of the qualified investors fund and benefits and costs analysis;
  • Selection of a licensed management company based on your needs and conclusion of an agreement with it;
  • Company registration;
  • Statutory documents development;
  • Documents for the Czech National Bank (CNB) preparation;
  • Fund submission to the CNB;
  • Licensing application from the CNB;
  • Selection and opening of depositories and bank accounts for an investment fund;
  • Elaboration of financing methods and further capitalization of the fund's assets;
  • Selection of a professional auditor, appraiser, tax consultant and accountant.


Payment for our services for an investment fund registration and creation in the Czech Republic is made in 3 stages (1/3 + 1/3 + 1/3)

  1. 1/3 is paid as a prepayment. At this stage, we develop the structure of the investment fund and prepare all documents for submission to the Czech National Bank and coordinate them with the customer.
  2. 1/3 is paid after all the documents are ready and before submitting them to the CNB. At this stage the close work with the CNB on registering an investment fund begins.
  3. 1/3 after registering an investment fund.


Cost, terms of registration and creation an investment fund in the Czech Republic

Services Price

39 000 EUR

We are direct service providers and have been working in the Czech market since 1999.
Work with us without intermediaries!
Registration period

from 2 month

We have a lot of experience and extensive connections, so we can get licenses quickly!

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What do you want to talk about?


    Investment Funds Registration

    Have you heard about the opportunities for company development and growth in financial investing? Today, this popular niche leads to capital multiplication, increased profitability, brand recognition, company scaling, and economic development. To help facilitate this, our company takes on the role of mentoring. Simply put: we train, enroll, and build investment portfolios for our clients. 

    We will help you with the creation and preparation of documents, registration, and management of the IF

    We have successfully dealt with investment fund registration in the Czech Republic for over 25 years. The country's EU membership opens up almost unlimited opportunities for business expansion worldwide.

    Investment fund creation in the Czech Republic will allow you to:

    • Raise capital for projects or investment strategies;
    • Optimize tax allocation;
    • Combine assets of partners and scale your business;
    • Minimize financial risks;
    • Efficiently invest in various companies, securities, and real estate, and manage your business in any country;
    • Protect assets in accordance with EU legislation.

    Write to us if you want professional advice from our investment attorney

    Creating an investment fund is an excellent opportunity to legally transfer your assets to Europe and safely interact with the international market. Cooperation with us will provide you with a convenient option to raise capital due to our transparent structure and ease of entry or exit for investors. Information about fund participants is not registered in public registers, which guarantees the concealment of beneficiaries.

    We provide the best lawyers so that you can be confident in your actions and the legitimacy of using instruments and trading methods. A preliminary consultation will allow you to receive answers to any topical questions you may have. Our lawyer will assess the feasibility of creating a fund for your specific needs and discuss the details of further cooperation. 

    Registering an investment fund is a complex process that requires preliminary market analysis, careful document preparation, and a professional approach. That is why we offer you the assistance of our financial services consulting firm, with which you can start your path to economic success. 

    We will not only help you create an optimal investment fund in terms of structure, taking into account the specifics of your business, but also tell you about its advantages. Do you have any questions? If so, feel free to contact us at your own convenience.