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The cryptocurrency fund registration in the Czech Republic
Czech Republic is just right European jurisdiction for your CRYPTO business!
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We offer comprehensive services for registering an investment cryptocurrency fund in the Czech Republic (Europe).

An investment cryptocurrency funds registration and creation on a turnkey basis in the Czech Republic is a new service of our company Consulting Company Ltd, which has been operating in the Czech market since 1999. Crypto funds are a modern Czech investment instrument that complies with the European MiFID directives and is intended for all asset categories.

Contact us and during the FREE consultation we will be able to evaluate the feasibility of creating (registering) an investment cryptocurrency fund for you, your business and for solving your problems. We will offer the optimal structure of the fund and estimate the economic benefits.

The Czech Republic is the right European jurisdiction for your CRYPTO business!

What do you get by registering your cryptocurrency investment fund (crypto fund)?

  1. You will get a legal and transparent business in Europe.
  2. You will receive a legal opportunity to attract investors from all around the world.
  3. You can invest attracted investments in cryptocurrency, ICO, mining and the development of other projects based on blockchain technologies.
  4. You can get banking services in the best Czech banks.
  5. You will surpass your competitors while they "slip" in off-shore sands.
  6. You will save a lot of money, because when the regulation will be mandatory everything will be much more expensive.
  7. You can optimize taxation - the fund's profit tax is only 5%.

Do not waste your time and money!
Register your crypto fund in the Czech Republic!

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Crypto funds are a new and logical step in the development of the entire cryptocurrency market.
And this contributes to 5 main factors:

  1. Increased demand from ordinary investors.
  2. The cryptocurrency market is very difficult for ordinary investors to master.
  3. Investors are very much in need of familiar tools for investing in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, in particular, in investment funds specializing in cryptocurrency.
  4. All financial bodies and governments are looking for ways to regulate the cryptocurrency market, and this market will be unequivocally regulated.
  5. Companies that offer services in the cryptocurrency market and are registered offshores, simply lose their banking services. And this will not change.You will surpass your competitors while they "slip" in off-shore sands.

Create your cryptocurrency fund, legally attract investment and beat your competitors!

Today, most companies in the cryptocurrency market operate in offshore. And, by and large, they have no future. Banks simply close their accounts. Central banks forced commercial banks to refuse to work with firms engaged in cryptocurrency, especially if they are registered in offshores.

The cryptocurrency market will be regulated and this is without options. But the question is how?

At the moment, governments, financial and tax authorities have clearly decided that the cryptocurrency market will be regulated. In the meantime, they inhibit its development and try to reduce their backlog from market development.

By and large, there are two approaches in solving the problem of market regulation:
  1. Creating a separate legal framework.
  2. Alignment with the current legislative framework.

But the problems of regulation of the cryptocurrency market can also be divided into two components:
  1. Regulation of cash flows, protection of the rights of investors and consumers, compliance with the AML rules - “Anti-Money laundering”. Plus, the solution of tax issues and the so-called deoffshorization that is gaining momentum, which has taken on a truly global scale.

    To address these issues, the cryptocurrency market will be forced to fill into the framework of the current financial and tax legislation. And the form of an investment fund meets all these requirements and is an excellent form for attracting investors and working in a cryptocurrency market.
  2. Regulation of the blockchain technology itself. But so far no one is going to do this, but if in the future this happens, then most likely regulation will occur through the creation of a separate legislative framework.

You can read more about:
It's high time to legalize! And registering a crypto fund in Europe is the best and the cheapest solution.

Cost, terms of registration and creation an Crypto fund in the Czech Republic
Services Price

25 000 EUR

We are direct service providers and have been working in the Czech market since 1999.
Work with us without intermediaries!
Registration period

from 1 month

We have a lot of experience and extensive connections, so we can get licenses quickly!

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