How to Start Hedge or Investment Fund
27 ноября, 2023
How to Start Hedge or Investment Fund
27 ноября, 2023

How to Create Hedge, Investment or Trust Fund

Do you want to know how to create a hedge fund? As the procedure is quite complicated, we recommend using the services of professionals. Depending on your needs and wishes, FinCzech specialists will help you to prepare all of the necessary documents and develop a business plan.

Our company has been working in the Czech market since 1999.

By interacting with the FinCzech team, you will be able to remotely and entirely legally register a hedge fund in the Czech Republic, which:

  • allows you to optimize taxation;
  • provides complete confidentiality of investors;
  • acts freely without the regulatory influence of the national bank but under its control;
  • complies with European legislation, which expands the possibilities of doing business in the territory of EU countries.

Before creating a hedge fund, you should register a management company. Doing so is necessary to meet the requirements of the Czech National Bank and for obtaining a license to engage in the relevant type of activity.

Are you interested in creating a trust fund? First of all, you need to sign an agreement in which the assets owned by the founder are transferred to the benefit of the fund on the terms of trust management. We can help you register a trust fund in the Czech Republic, which will serve as an excellent tool for international planning and protection of assets from large tax payments, financial losses, and interested third-party persons.

Do you want to create your fund?

We know all the nuances of how to create an investment fund. This process should begin with preparing a package of documents necessary for the upcoming registration of the fund and submitting an application for a license. 

Investment fund registration in the Czech Republic provides vast opportunities for:

  • optimizing tax payments;
  • combining and protecting the assets of partners;
  • developing your business in the territory of the European Union;
  • minimizing financial risks.

We are ready to provide the solution for all tasks related to trust creation or investment funds - contact us to find out more.

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How to Create a Hedge, Investment or Trust Fund
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